Losing your Virginity

im not quite sure how to start this blog off...i was just thinking today about friends...and friends of friends. i remember back in school, how suprised i was when my friends began losing their virginity. i mean im talking 12 and 13 year old kids. i didnt even know my friends were getting to second base yet, then one would come up and tell us all about their first sexual experience. it was so intimidating at was like...well am i gonna have to start doing it too? that was one of the few times i felt peer pressure...of course no one was standing there chanting do it! suck his dick!! but i felt like if i didnt have a story, my friends would think i was lame and all... that having been said, im glad i didnt just throw my vagina at the first horny pre-teen guy available. i waited until i found the right guy, and at 16 i finally gave it up to my boyfriend (who i am still with 3 years later thank you). personally, i think that 15 or maybe even 14 is a safe age to start becoming sexually active but 12 is just too damn young. back when my mom was my age, they probably thought 15 or 16 was too young to start having sex. and this brings to my head a shocking realization...i have a 9 year old neice. with all the overexposure these days on tv and the internet, she has undoubtedly been exposed to sex. am i gonna have to start tossing condoms to her the next time she goes on a bike ride with the neighbor kid down the street? i remember being 9...and the thoughts that went thru my head. sex was probably the last thing on my mind. but kids today have a whole different mentality.  i now understand all the hick-country songs about having to shoot some kid that messed around with the farmers daughter. im 19 now, far from out of touch, but i was wondering...from a younger crowd...say 7th, 8th what age do you think its approprrate to take that next step? and even from an older crowd, the moms and dads- what do you think about the whole thing? im interested in everyones opinion.

Uploaded 07/19/2008
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