LOST is the pwnage

Hey everyone i love the show LOST, i think it has the greatest story ever in the history of tv. I love how the flashbacks fit together. But the end of season 4 left alot of unawsered questions. Im going to post my theory of what wil happen in the future of the series...feel free to post responses with your theorys too...

Some time in season 5 jack will finnaly convince the rest of the 6 to return to the island, probably by making them feel guilty for leaving the others behind and withs ben's powers of pesuasion. This leaves the question how will they get too the island? Ben just said thay they all have to be together but not what happens next. One way is they might all have to get on a plane again and it would crash on the island but this would introduce a whole new slew of characters ( the survivors of the crash) so this is unlikely. The second way is they would just return by boat, the island would lead them back if they were all together i guess...

Il post more later...LOST RULES

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