Love and Laughter Heals All

Strawberry is healing up and starting to calm down now.  The engagement is officially back on and life is slowly starting to get back to normal.  Abuse causes emotional injuries as well as physical injuries, but love and laughter go a long way toward helping those injuries heal.  Tenderness and compassion do as well.

Tenderness and compassion should be something that exists in any loving relationship, but there always seem to be a few who are so soulless and clueless that they can't understand the concept except in a manipulative way that they can use to gain control.  I'm not sure whether to pity that type of individual or just not bother with that and just string up a rope and put them out of their misery and the misery they cause others.

There's a big difference between a "rape fantasy" and actually being raped by someone you don't know against your will.  If it ever happens to any of you who read this, you will see that it's nothing at all like your fantasy.  Luckily, awareness is starting to be raised in the law enforcement communities and the FBI has stepped up it's operations against such activity.  The victims, though, need love, care, tenderness, and understanding from those who love them so that the healing can begin.

If you ever have a loved one who goes through something like this, you need to put away all the insecurities you might have.  It is not the victim's fault and they need all the understanding you can give them.  They may want to talk about it or they may not want to talk at all for awhile until they feel comfortable in doing so.  Regardless of what they need, when they do decide to talk, you need to listen no matter how painful it might be for you to hear what they say.  The pain you think you might be feeling is insignificant compared to what they are feeling.  Remember, though, love and laughter heal all.  Love them, joke with them, hold them in your arms, and let them know how much you love them.  In time, the unpleasant memories will fade away.

Uploaded 09/14/2011
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