love found, a life saved

All I did every day of my lonely life was come home after work, get drunk and chat it up on ebaums chat room. I started getting drunk more and more. It was seriously getting bad. Id take shots out the bottle before work. Sometimes Id mix vodka with some juice and take it to work.

Im a young guy with a job that makes me travel a lot. I was getting home sick and lonely. All I wanted was to be drunk all the fuckin time. Anyways after everyone started to know me on ebaums, I felt at home, pretty sad right?

One day a new girl gets on there, and I start talking shit to her in my drunken stupor (I thought she was cute so I wasnt too mean). Well I start asking her all about what she does etc. Find out she does stand up comedy and wants help with motivation. We start practicing jokes and rewriting etc. She turned out to be really cool and funny, we started talking everyday. I noticed more and more my desire to drink was starting to go away. It was replaced with a new addiction. I helped her quit smoking and explained ways to stretch money (im part jewzien), while she helped me slow down with the drinking and enjoy life more.

Well I really started to enjoy talking to her. I thought of her just as a friend, but a good one. Shes helping me get my life together. One day, it was snowing like shit outside btw, just setting the mood, she seems kinda serious like. I go whats up, whats wrong? Nothings wrong.

She explains that shes having feelings for me. At first I didnt know what to think. I never heard about that internet relationship thing, or had good thoughts about it. She wants to go steady, she explains. Well at the cost of putting her into tears I said I need time to think about this. Shes a little crazy, in a smart way, a fucking genius as a matter of fact. At first I'm like, I dont want to put all my love into this. We live apart, never met in real. It can be hard for both of us. Then I seriously am thinking about doin it, shes helped me more then anyone in my life. Shes funny and I could spend hours just talking to her.

I was at work doing some job and I was just like in my head, fuck it, lets go for it. I log on ebaums and talk to her again, an we roll with it. Probably the only good decision Ive made in my life.

Long story a little longer I go to visit her after a few months turns out to be just as good as I expected. I return, she came to visit me after a few months more and we got married. Been together now for a little over eight months. We've been Married since independence day. Were the happiest, most in love couple ever. I would do anything for her. She saved my life from becoming a jobless, homeless, loser. How we met was a little unconventional, but I wouldnt have it any other way. We got to know each other before we had sex, so it wasnt the highlight of our relationship. We actually knew each other from talking, something couples dont do much of anymore. I love her more then anything, its what I live for and nothing can get in the way of that.

Uploaded 07/27/2010
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