Love is all you need? No Sir.

My Friends and Enemies,

Happy Bee has said that we all need to love each other to make this site more enjoyable.

I say..."boy that's stupid"

I'm quite sure that half of the people on here are sadists and actually enjoy being called

names. I know that I'll most likely be ridiculed and have insults hurled at me that sound

like they come from the mouth of a first grader. I'm also quite certain at

least one user will say "fake' for no apparent reason. 

But isn't all the cruelty and rudeness just tons of fun? Doesn't it make you feel better about

yourself to leave your miserable existence for ten seconds while you call another user an

idiot for no reason at all. So quit all the talk of love. I'd like to see who can give me the

best insult. Or just insult each other. Let's cut back on the kiddy stuff and have some

manly insults. So insult me. Insult one another. Insult yourself. THen we can decide who

should honestly be giving insults around here

Uploaded 09/06/2008
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