Madness Defined


The tiny nation lived fruitful, peaceful lives. They found ways to express themselves, came up with different proportions of this and that. Some were good some were bad. Some said, "Meh", some said. "Yay!" 

Then one day a foul smelling absurdtation formed at the edge of town. The people complained, but nothing was done about it. The festering gob, bubbled off it's noxious gasses, the elders looked the other way. 

Some people became annoyed and threw sticks into the vile mess. It grew larger. Others tried to kill it with rocks. Some tried never ending insults. No matter what they did, it grew and grew and grew.

The people upwind or not yet evolved to understand what a horrible specter had invaded their nation, cheered from mud drenched bleachers.  They too poured filth into the boil that fed it, mesmerized and hypnotized by their tiny undeveloped minds. 

This horrible situation continued for many years. The people from both sides fed the abomination. It's fingers lapped against the very foundations and threatened all existence.

All the good citizens went away  to escape the horrid lands that were once a place of serenity. Due to their curious nature they visited their once great homeland and witnessed a retreat of the absurdtation.

It was suggested, that  perhaps if all good people would not throw sticks, shit, rocks or engine blocks into the bubbling crude it would fade away. 

After fourteen days, it shriveled. Never utter it's name!

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