Maintaining Peace with Fear

Is it legitimate, right, effective for parents to use the threat of physical violence in order to maintain household peace? There certainly are parents that do it and perhaps that is the only way they know how to. I have four boys and have never threatened them with physical assault and we have a very peaceful existence. Our peaceful household is pretty well based on  mine and my wife's matter of fact attitude and love for our children. 

Suppose for a moment your local business using armed security guards to ensure a workplace has a high output. The guards patrol the aisles with there automatic weapons intimidating you so you work your ass off. Or it could be, physical beatings that will destroy any possibility of you earning a living. Just like parents beating their kids, this method would be used by those who do not know a better way. We here know there are better ways of running a business with established rules  policies and a fair workplace. We have had success  with it.

Let's take it up a notch. What is the best way to ensure peace and the successful flow of economies? Would it be best to use the threat of physical violence to ensure this scenario?  I suppose if the people were poorly treated and there were unjust laws it may be your only option. But what if like, me the non threatening parent and the fair workplace was used in this circumstance? Would that country not become more peaceful, more productive? We've certainly proved that to be the case, from household to workplace and to country. 

A statement from Bloomberg Businessweek bothered me all day, it was this, " It was a presence deemed by US policy makers, correctly, to be vital to a functioning world economy". Of course, they are referring to the US presence on the Arabian peninsula. Those two words, " Correctly and vital". So has the presence of the US military for the last twenty years, provided for a "Functioning" world economy? I suppose if you compared it to a beat up 78 Ford that belches and squeals as it hobbles down the road. 

That statement assumes, only the threat of violence provides the stability needed to carry out the affairs of the world economy. And just as the innocent children learn to be violent in a abusive household, so too do the people in a country who live under that  threat everyday of their lives. 

Yes, economic output and a stable world economy are necessary. How that is carried out is the question. From your own experiences in life, what method has been proven most effective? Threats of violence and big guns or rule of law and freedom?  

Uploaded 09/07/2012
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