make a nickelodeon from the 90s channel

I firmly believe that nickelodeon people need to get their heads out of their asses, stop being selfish assholes and create a channel for all the classic nickelodeon shows.  I miss all the stuff from my childhood lol, and the ones that they have in the 100s channels on comcast just don't quite suffice.  I'm not talking only about the cartoons, or the gameshows, I mean ALL the old shows.  They should probably make one for the stuff from disney channel, and the old WB and foxfamily shows, but most importantly nick.

I want these shows back:

-Cousin Skeeter
-Secret World of Alex Mack
-What Would You Do?
-The Adventures of Pete and Pete
-Hey Dude
-Salute Your Shorts
-All That
-The Amanda Show
-Figure it Out
-Legends of the Hidden Temple
-Double Dare
-Wild and Crazy Kids
-Are You Afraid of the Dark?
-My Brother and Me
-Clarissa Explains It All
-Nick News with Linda Ellerbee
-Nick in the Afternoon with Stick Stickly
-Kenan and Kel
-Guts/Global Guts
-The Angry Beavers
-Ren and Stimpy
-Rocko's Modern Life
-Ahhh! Real Monsters
-Hey Arnold
-The Journey of Allen Strange
-The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo
-Space Cases
-Nick Arcade
-Rocket Power (Started in `99)
-100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd (`99)
-Gullah Gullah Island
-The Noozles
-Eureka's Castle
-Little Bear
-Muppet Babies
-The Busy World of Richard Scarry
-Blue's Clues
-David the Gnome
-The Littl' Bits

(yes, I stole the list from a facebook group I'm in, but still, you get my point)

These need to be returned to TV.

--Erin (meeko24)

Uploaded 05/24/2008
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