Make Featured Materials More Valuable!!!!!

ok if you never post things and you're just here to watch stuff click away.....


ok i dont know whos the genius who decited that you should get less points for views on media...... 

i have been lucky enough to be featured twice maybe you've seen "star  wars thats what she said" and most recently "kid singing Britney Spears get Scared to death" now my first featured media was featured about about a few moths ago i went from 22,000 points all the way to 80,000 points i even made 30,000 points in one day, now with the my new material on the front page ,it has more views than my first featuring and i only went from 110,000 points to 130,000 points..... so for 60,000 views i got 60,000 points and for 74,000 views i only made 20,000 points ...WTF? maybe is because of the new moderators or maybe the fact Eric Bauman Sold the website ( as far as I've Told) that this problem started.....i don't wanna sound like a nerdy kid who cries and screams because he got an A and not an A+.... but im trying to get a DS for my little sister as a Christmas Present and with me getting featured i thought i would be able to claim that price..... 


If you have a similar problem please comment and a merry christmas, or Chanukah or Kwanzaa or what ever holiday you celebrate.......

Uploaded 12/13/2008
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