Make it stop

  As was brought to my attention by an ebaumer that "Black people have thousands of babies all the time." I have thought of a Non-Violent and progressive conservative solution.

    The problem of poverty among the Nigger class is prominent so I condone sexual education. Teach the young blacks at a young age to have more anal and oral sex. The CIA had a fairly good Idea as far as "crack". I find those methods inhumane even by a Nazi's standard.

    Heroine simply isn't doing it's job.

    I would suggest that if you have a daughter or relative who has "crossed the fence" that you encourage her to have anal and oral sex with her sub-human counterpart. For the end of your bloodline would be much better than the watered down burden you and society will be forced to nurture through out it's primitive life.


    However as a Neo Nazi my views  as to the  controlling of race are non violent. I condone the construction of gated communities that do not keep them out. Rather keep them accounted for and locked in. We can send in an abundance of fried chicken and basket balls. However they are useful in law enforcement and the military.  We can simply hand pick those at birth and let them pursue the predetermined career they have always wanted and we have chosen for them.  

    We can also provide KFC's to these areas. As I have seen many of them are accustomed to working. They will know no different and we can feel safe.


Uploaded 03/21/2009
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