making my own beer!

i notice alot of times the blogs on this site tend to be extremely political or religious in nature. then their is the occasional tard that blogs about meaningless stupid shit and i can only assume he is after attention or erep points. so i figured id write about something less serious.

a big hobby of mine is making my own beer and wine. it started as a joke between my wife and i when we were younger because i used to drink alot. i mean alot. now i wouldnt have considered myself an alcoholic so much as a social drinker and an extreme type A personality. and as other type As know, when we do something, we DO something. as the years went on however, responsibility took over and my wild partying days had come to a close. yet with all that time drinking i had developed a serious affinity for beer. i loved the taste, texture, everything about it.

so last year, after hearing me constantly bitch about substandard beers at our local liquor store and me triumphantly declaring that i could do better, she called me out and bought me a beer making kit. now i know what youre thinking, should of just shut my fuckin mouth right? well not being ready to be outdone i went about trying to make these beers of mine that i was convinced would do nothing short of change the world.

little did i know how much was involved. while the beermaking process is relatively simple, the options are endless. you can make whatever flavor beer you want. chocolate, fruits, vanilla, its all possible. ive even seen a jalepeno beer! not to mention the different styles of beer. lagers, ales, pale ales, something for every taste. you can even control the alcohol content of the beer.

so, my first batch i made a cream soda flavored beer and it actually came out pretty good. from there i experimented with different fruit combinations with pale ales to come up with oddball stuff noone had ever heard of. i even made a vanilla cookie beer (yes, it really tasted like vanilla cookies.) i would keg all my creations so that friends and family could enjoy my delectable brews.

so now, with my brother coming back from iraq and me throwing him a coming home party, i decided it was time for my coup de gras. i am currently fermenting an american hefenweisen with a cherry flavor. i mean, alot of cherry flavor. not so much that it would be like a winecooler but enough to where youd say " wow, thats alot of cherry." in addition ive raised the alcohol content of this beer beyond all that is righteous and holy for beer. last time i raised the alcohol in one of my beers 3 or 4 cups would definetely ring your bell. so i figured "what the hell?" and made it twice as boozy. it should be done in 2 weeks, ill let you guys now how it comes out



Uploaded 07/25/2008
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