Man Up

There comes a time for every boy to let go of his wal-mart graphic t-shirts and move out of your moms place which are a few of the steps in the right direction to manhood. Now becoming a man isnt some sort of crap like reading from a religious text or killing your first dear or getting you first pubic hair. Like anything worth doing it takes a lot of hard work and continuing adaptation. Here are a few good pointers to get you off to the right start.

GQ Can Turn Ugly Girls Into Doable Women; And You Into A Man (Maybe) This is a summary of all the things I think are involved in making a man, a man. Now say what you want about GQ but its time for you to subscribe. I promise its the best twenty bucks you will ever spend. They educate you on Dressing well, Talking to women (other than your mom) Sports, Travel & Food, Entertainment, Health, & Technology its basically a one stop shop for a man. If you really cant spring the 20 bucks for two years worth of issues at least check out the website, often!

Now a bit more elaboration on a few of the things featured above.

Dressing well - If men could absorb that simple lesson, the world would be a much more beautiful place in which to live. Elevated dressing causes people to behave better. Crime might fall. Manners would begin to come back. People might clean up their language. They might listen to better music and read better books. Something resembling civilization might return. A collection of dressing well tips here

Grooming - Thats right hard to believe this has to be brought up; but some of you actually need to be told to shower. All I can say is correct this, now. Then there are the finer points; Shaving, Skin care, and a few other finer details. See a full list of tips here

Health. - Guess what everyday little by little your health is deteriorating; you need to do your best to try and stay one step ahead of the grim reaper. At the very basics eating right is really all it takes. Obviously working out to stay in shape is a plus. I cant preach it as a necessity as I dont do it. I do try to stay active in small (more on this later) ways but no iron pumping for me. So eating right is key and its really not hard. Its no secret that Alton Browns Good Eats is one of my favorite shows ever, I idolize that man as a god. Recently Mr. Brown lost a significant amount of weight which he credited to a Diatia read more about that here.

Talking To Women - A.B.C. Famous acronym made famous by Alec Baldwin in the movie Glengarry glen Ross. Always Be Closing. For some of you there are numerous chances everyday to interact and speak with a woman. So why arent you always turning on the charm? So what if she isnt attractive or she lived through the great depression; A.B.C. Major athletes arent born great, they have to practice and so do you. For all you idiots that just looked to your left and asked Betty White Did it hurt? go ahead and put your penis the path of a closing car door. This is about being a man, so the things you should be practicing are as follows. Charm (aka Likeability), Eye Contact, Smiling, and Respect while talking to a woman. Youre a man, not a Butabi.

Well I certainly hope I have inspired you to get on the manly man manliness program; this is of course always a work in progress, you never reach level 100 like a pokemon and then youre a man forever. You always have to adapt and practice what you learn. Now dont get discouraged if you stray from the path every now and then, it happens the important thing is to get back on track as soon as possible.


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