Man v. Woman- Battle of the Sexes

My perspective: It's the circumstances of dating and past failed relationships that brings someone to think about themselves as "dating material", and if they need to "change" or "adapt" with the times. It's the somewhat "trivial" things that ex-girlfriend's make you think about which cause you to question yourself and your actions.

Because I am a male, If I have a high paying job that requires little work, it's because I stole it from a woman. But if I wish to remain at home with the children, I am lazy.

I am a wimp when I cry. But if I don't cry, I am insensitive.

If I like sports I am a "dumb jock." But if I don't, I am less of a man.

Because I don't give birth, I cannot "know pain" like a woman does.

If I slap a mosquito on a woman's face I am abusive. But if she hits back, it's considered self-defense.

If I enjoy sex it means I can't control my hormones. And if I don't, I am not meeting her needs.

If I sleep around I am afraid of commitment. But if she sleeps around, she is exploring her sexuality.

If I ask her to wash the dishes, I am sexist. But if she asks me to take out the garbage, it's considered part of my responsibilities.

If I have a sports car, then I am making up for an inadequacy. But if I don't, she won't talk to me.

If I open her car door I am patronizing. But if I don't, I am not a gentleman.

If I pay for dinner, I am "expecting something in return." But if I don't pay, I am cheap.

If I call too often I am crowding. But if I don't call, I am ignoring her.

If I yell and scream it's because I can't control my temper. But if she yells and screams, it's... hormonal.

If I change my mind I am indecisive. But if she changes her mind, it's a woman's prerogative.

If I go to war I am a murderer. But if I don't, I am unpatriotic.

Because I am a man, I am always going to lose the Battle of the Sexes.

Uploaded 11/11/2008
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