So I finally get in the bloggin mood. Some people like SJG got it all the time, write awesome blogs 24/7, some only get it sometimes like a monthly visitor, some have never got it, and dont know what the fuck Im talking about.


So ya, Im getting older, wiser, less willing to try new things etc. Ive been skateboarding since I was about 15. Now that I have a job, I never skate. I maybe skateboarded 2 times in the past 3 years.

I dont have a car where Im at right now, so I decide its a good idea to brush the dust off my old plank and set er to the road. All I need to do is go get food. I step on and immediately feel unsafe.

When I was 16 or so, falling was not a big deal at all, now if I get hurt, I feel it for weeks. I still got bruised knuckles from when I got drunk and punched the shit out of a elevator door. Dont ask ha ha.

So Im trying not to fall, trying to dodge ice on the road, and I notice Im startin to feel tired. How can I be tired so soon? Back in the day me an my friends would skate all day long no problem. My legs are sore, im breathing heavy, my back starts to hurt. Fuck.

Remember when you were a kid thinking, I cant wait till I grow up, move outta my parents house. I miss the days of lounging around, after school, no worries on my mind. Now all I got to look forward to is workin, payin bills, just getting by, all till I grow old an die. Life is so gay sometimes.

Plus when you get so old you know, like when everyone calls you old, and then teenagers will fuck with me, and smash my mail box, and leave shit on fire on my door step, and shoot paintballs at me when I go to get my mail. I'm only 22, and this what I'm thinking about. I'm dreadin the day I pass 25 cus it's allll downhill from there.

Uploaded 01/20/2010
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