Man's Best Friend

Some of you already know my situation. For those of you who don't, here's the short version: I deploy, wife cheats, divorce pending, wife royally fucked and stuck with all our debt while I drive away in a new Corvette but otherwise debt-free, other guy also royally fucked since he's another Marine and adultery is chargeable under the UCMJ... his career is ruined. He could bounce back and still make a career of the Corps, but he's a weak-hearted little bitch so he's going to hang up his uniform (which he disgraced anyway) and give up once his EAS rolls around.


So now the next update. I think I'll get a dog. A german shepherd, since they're basically the coolest dogs on earth. I already contacted the AKC to find a respectable breeder in my area, and am putting money aside (a pure-bred german shepherd will run me about a grand). Maybe a few years down the road I'll get a second one too, another shepherd of opposing gender. As long as they're both registered and everything, I ought to be able to register the litters with the AKC and sell the puppies (I realize there's much more to breeding and whelping than I've implied here... I assure you I'm up to the commitment and the responsibility involved).


German Shepherds are brilliant, and great with kids so having him grow up from puppyhood alongside my currently 2 y/o daughter will be good for both of them. Plus, I've always wanted a German Shepherd, they're just awesome. There are only a handful of breeds considered smarter than they are... two, actually: Poodles (yes, no kidding, they're considered the second most intelligent of all breeds) and the prestigious #1 most intelligent dog, border collies. IMO neither of those breeds are as cool as German Shepherds.


Don't ask me why I felt compelled to share this with you all. Truth be told this is meant more for my friends here in the blog section than for the entire blog community, but ah well. Once I have him, I'll get a photo of me and the dog and the Corvette to share with you all. I'll have to be careful though, since the first one is going to be a male who I obviously have no intention of getting fixed... I'll have to keep it away from my soon-to-be-ex-wife. She has this thing for anything that has a dick, and I don't want my dog picking up any crazy diseases. (Am I too cold?.... nah.)

Uploaded 09/16/2008
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