marijuana and the bat

so next this week im spendin another 3 days with my girl(oh ya thats right its gonna be kick ass) and we are probobly goin to wonderland... so im gonna bring some weed and roll up a few j's and we might....just might smoke a doob on a roller coaster... preferably the bat at night cuz it would b wicked fun but possibly risky.. maybe sumthin topgun... lol

btw for those doubters who think ima poser and dont smoke weed who out there can make a list this long of weed related terms...

weed, pot, green,l ongbottom leaf, bong, waterpipe, pipe, hoot, spliff, joint, j, doob, doobie, blaze, sesh, soosh, popper, lung, ganja, dank, purple haze, white widdow, white rhino, pineapple express(smells like gods vagine :D), roach, dime bag, puff puff pass, smelly green shit, roach weed(smells like a dead womens vagina), vaporizer, waterfall, bucket, pale, lightrose, lighter fighter, gram, half-quarter, quarter, half o, o, pound, kilo, buster, res, resin, crystal, hash, seeds 'n' stems, leaf, shake, tapsumbong, stash, pickup, dealer, bubbler, ronchy,

im sure if i put more time to it i could double that list but im a lazy bastard....

Uploaded 08/17/2008
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