Marijuana, contrary to popular belief

This is specifically for Reyo, who insists that he is the genius of the botany world and knows everything there is to know about government legalization of marijuana. 

1. Marijuana doesn't take a month to grow, it takes atleast 3 months to bud/flower, following an extensive perioed of curing

2. Government grown marijuana for taxable sale WILL push street dealers out of business and create a regulated, taxable market

3. Just because marijuana is legal to buy, it won't mean that it's legal to grow.

4. This is a billion dollar industry in America... don't you think Uncle Sam deserves a slice? Especially now when we have a trillion dollar debt? 

5. Like other's have said before, how much money are we already wasting on the drug war? On top of that, do you think locking up college kids for weed is really the best way to spend tax money? 

6. California and Canada already have an incredible business model that have garnered a ton of tax money for their respective governments. This shows that not only does this business model work, but will boom. 


I really want some discussion on this so I'll keep it short. Hopefully reyo will respond and explain to me again why Marijuana will never be profitable but lack any kind of evidence to back it up. I love it when people do that.

Uploaded 12/30/2008
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