marijuana pepsi jackson.-a real name.

     thats right marijuana pepsi jackson is a real person, and her parents must have been real stoned and thirsty.  as a school teacher in beloit wisconsin marijuana must have had some messed up parents.  as a stoner i completely appreciate the name. it only makes perfect sense to me to name your kid after the things you love most.  i'll probly end up naming my kid bong seirra nevada mcgee.  i personally love it when people name their kids crazy names, like frank zappa who named his kids moon unit and dweezel.  i knew a kid named richard stroker (dick is short for richard) and i knew a kid named hardik patel.  i also knew this substute teacher who tells a story about a little girl named shithead pronounced shi-theed. i'm sure you can only imagine how that roll call went. anyway back to good old marijuana pepsi jackson... the lady with best name in history.  even though no one will ever really know why her mother named her that, but we do know that it must have been awkward to be the doctor filling out that birth certifificate. 

p.s. i know i'm not as skilled as 90% of the bloggers on this site, so please refrain from making fun of my grammer and spelling.  i'm a pot head who barely writes more than his name.

Uploaded 03/11/2009
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