When people think of a Marijuana user they mainly picture a giggly, dumb, long haired, skater dude, who doesn't know shit about shit. The Truth is, Many Marijuana users are Parents, Librarians, Artists, Teachers, Even some Police officers have used it. It is a part of peoples lives. Most who have huge responsibilities and are "Big Wigs". Personally, I believe everyone NEEDS a vice, Weither it's drinking, cigarettes, or Chronic masturbation. EVERYONE in the world needs something to help them "Chillax". Most people use Marijuana, It's safe, Cheap, And It has no Perminant Or long term negative effects."But It's Illegal, so it must be bad." Alcohol was illegal at one time. SO WAS SEX!(Well, It had a strong limit.)Everyone hears the word "Marijuana" and they INSTANTLY think of a "Drug". Marijuana goes WWWAAAAAAYYYYYY.. further than just "smoking". It makes the worlds most durrable ropes, it helps cure diseases, It even makes an ECO-FRIENDLY FUEL! I Get extremely uncomfortable and upset whenever I see footage of police officers burning Marijuana plants. We have been given this wonderful gift that can improve many peoples lifestyles and help fix up our country. But no, Instead they decide to burn the ONE THING That can help make the world a better place. Why? Because some greedy, racist, asshole wanted to rake in cash, so he posted racist lies in his own Newspaper. Marijuana is not the criminal here, It's stupid people.

Uploaded 09/22/2010
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