Married Man Gets Fisted And Goes To Hospital

So the other day my mom told me a story that would change my life. My mom is an emergency room nurse, she has literally seen it all.
Let me give you some background information. This guy is 32 years old, he's been married for ten years and has 2 kids with his wife, Dana. Secretly, when his wife goes grocery shopping he calls one of his gay friends, Bart, to come over and engage in countless sexual acts with him. You name it... Gerbils, rats, cucumbers, anything that this guy could fit in his butt, he did it. After roughly 3 weeks of cheating, this guy's addiction really got the best of him. About a week ago this guy comes SCREAMING into the emergency room, while he is being carried by his gay lover Bart, naked. My mom was "lucky" enough to be one of the 3 doctors in the room. :P Anyways, this guy is complaining about butt hole pain, and he describes the pain and a ripping, bleeding feeling. The 3 doctors are asking this guy what happened to his ass, and the guy claims that he was extremely constipated.. and this his constipation was so severe that his butt hole literally exploded. Not even kidding, the guy lays down on the hospital bed, spreads his legs and there it is: a 1 and 1/2 inch split going from his butt hole to his gooch. THIS GUY'S ASS RIPPED. DISGUSTING. Because the rip was so large, the doctors questioned this man's story. They said that the rip was far too long to be caused from just constipation. The truth? This guy was fisted, yes, FISTED, by his friend Bart, and his butt hole literally tore. 2 surgeries, 6 staples, and 14 stitches later, this guy is in stable condition. He has tubes attached to his crack so that he can poop. Who in their right mind would take a fist in their ass? And that's not even the worst part. THE HOSPITAL GETS A HOLD OF HIS WIFE AND TELLS HER EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. The wife divorces her gay husband, and now they are forced to split time between their 2 children. Trust me, it is nastier than it sounds. My mom has told me stories about girls shoving coke bottles up their jay's and what not, but a guy getting fisted almost made me throw up. Enjoy that.
Uploaded 07/06/2011
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