I have been a fan of Marvel Comics since i can remember. In my opinion, I like it better than D.C Comics (The only D.C character I like is Batman) Over the years Marvel has been doing a lot of work lately but heres the problem. Their work is getting repetitive. As far as i remember I've already seen 2 remakes of the X-Men (Evolution and Wolverine and the X-Men) there was an 80's version but i wasnt born at that time. Same with Fantastic Four. A few months ago i was watching Boomerang and seen the 60's version of FF when Galactus, The Silver Surfer & The Watcher made an appearance..... Now fast foward 30 years later when there is another series of the FF with the same exact storyline! Then an Nickelodeon version nobody seemed to care about so screw that one. I remember Iron Man came out in 1994 which i enjoyed because there more than one person. Which was pretty cool because the other superheroes (Force Works) made some cameos such as Century, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman & War Machine. Then came another Nickelodeon version nobody gave 2 shits about. The animated version of Incredible Hulk was cool but it seems like he was more than a villain than a superhero. Then he made a cameo on the FF episode that sort of made him an villain as well. Spider - Man was one of my favorites because there was a lot of cameos of superheroes such as Captain America, The Punisher, Iron Man, War Machine, Nick Fury, Dare Devil  & some of the X-Men. Then the problem started when it went off air and made a lot of newer versions. Spider-Man Unlimited was terrible! Every episode was the same thing over & over again, I can see why it lasted a few episodes. I cant remember the other shitty remakes that came out recently, But in November of this year, there will be a new version of Spider-Man on Disney XD. There was also an Avengers United They Stand cartoon out the same year Spider-Man unlimited came out. Thats when marvel made a huge mistake, Since it came out during the fall of 99 I guess they were trying to make the characters "futuristic" but failed. They made the whole avengers costumes look like robots, Except Scarlet Witch, Tigra & Wonder Man who was pretty much dead the whole time it aired. The other flaw was that Captain America, Thor and Iron Man hardly made any appearances. Now there is an newer version of The Avengers, Which is okay but in my opinion, All the current Avengers & former Avengers should make an appearance. Also the movies I have issues about, Like the X-Men movie series like the first 3 was an adaptation to the animated series. Now when the new first class is about to release they went way back how the X-Men formed. I also noticed an contradiction on the Wolverine Origins movie.... Deadpool and Gambit did not exist in the Marvel Universe until the early 90's, I wonder why what does that have to do with how he formed to be Weapon-X decades before Wolverine even existed. My point is that Marvel needs to explore other superheroes other than X-Men, FF, Iron Man etc. I'm excited to see the Thor and Captain America movie then along the rumored Luke Cage & Ghost Rider. Also I have a problem with the new Avengers movie coming out next summer, According to IMDB, It is more about the S.H.I.E.L.D than The Avengers. Here is what I want to see from Marvel characters in films
1. Black Panther2. Iron Fist3. Shang-Chi 4. Bishop, Cable & Shard 5. Vision6. Falcon7. Black Bolt8. An all-out war with Transformers, G.I Joes which they were created by Stan Lee and Marvel Superheroes battle it out with the Decepticons, Cobra and the villains that would be fucking sweet! 
Uploaded 04/15/2011
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