Master Cleanse

So as some of you know I have been doing the master cleanse for a few weeks already.

The master cleanse is a diet where you dont eat any solid food but instead drink lots of juices and water. It is supposed to cleanse your entire digestive tract, improve metabolism, skin, hair, and improves the function of the liver , stomach, and kidneys.

I do this every year around January to get ready for the warm season. SureĀ  I lost some weight but this was not my main goal.

THis cleanse also gets my body ready for the marathon season. I quess this would be my main purpose of going on the diet each year.

I am so excited I am coming off of it this Friday!!! Yet that doesnt mean I can eat junk food. I have to get off slowly and will probably have to stay on a raw food diet for at least ten days. After that maybe I can finally enjoy a fish sandwich. ( damn Ive been dying for one of those)

I think I'll go do some pilates now , to get my mind off that damn sandwich.

Uploaded 02/10/2009
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