Master Plan

If you follow my blogs you probably remember I mentioned that my grampa is loaded. The great thing about having a rich gramps is you are kind of allowed to take advantage of that fact and scam the shit out of him. Among many successful attempts of fooling the old-timer into giving me lots of cash was the brilliant vacation scheme. 

I was 14 and my friends were going out on a trip. Typical for rich kids, the retards had to choose the most idiotic place to go. It was some resort in Africa. AFRICA! So basically everyone was so hyped about going there and shit, but come on, who wants to go to a gay ass country like Africa? Another thing is it costed a fortune to go there. Of course, my grampa is not a retard and knows the trip is a dumb ass idea, so he doesn't wanna pay up a fortune for this stupidity, nevermind how much money he has.

Part 1 of the plan was to get gramps to agree on the trip. Easy peasy. A few hour session of  "Grampa, come on, all my friends are coming, they'll make fun of me and say I'm poor and can't go. It's a one in a million chance to see black people in their natural habitat. Bla bla bla..." 

Part 2 was the brilliant scheme of getting gramps to think I actually went on that stupid ass trip. Who would want to fly to a 3rd world country filled with deserts, tigers and mosquitos (other than my friends, the rich idiots)? I had a few thousands of bucks and 2 weeks to arrange sleep overs with 4 friends in mixed order. Convincing which was not anything difficult taking the amounts of spending cash I had available. Sweet rich vacations, oh yeah.

Part 3 was fabricating evidence of the trip. Me and a few friends (not the ones that went to the trip, but gramps didn't know that) found a bunch of black people and I paid each one 30 dollars for dressing up as cave men so that we could take pictures with them, explaining that it was for a school project.

I'm very proud of this plan, not only because it's flawless. Grampa watching the pics and saying "Wow, these must be their local rappers" - priceless

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