Matzah Ball Soup

I had matzah ball soup for dinner, about two hours ago.  I was delicious and amazing.  It was made from chicken stock and had carrots and celery in it.  There is something about the matzah that is so good!  Every-bread like product should be replaced with it.  Crackers, bread, pizza dough, etc. shoud all be made from matzah.

Anyway, I'm just digressing now.  The point being, that I just took a huge shit and lately I've been suffering some lower abdominal pain, so after I was finished evacuating my bowls, I got off the toilet to examine my feces.  You know, checking it for blood or discharge or parasites or glass, anything that doesn't belong in there.  To my surprise, my shit looked like seven well formed matzah balls.  I found this so surprising because my shit is normally well formed and in nice loafy log shapes, never in balls like this.  I actually found myself trying to recall the number of matzah balls I had consumed in the aforementioned soup.  I only did this briefly, however, before remember that there couldn't possibly be any correlation.  That would be ridiculous!  First of all, there is no way I could have passed the matzah balls in two hours.  Secondly, I cut off pieces of the matzah balls as I ate the soup, I did not consume the matzah balls whole.

Anyway, it got me thinking a lot about the irony that is life.

Uploaded 03/02/2010
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