McCain, Hi-Jacked

In 2000 John McCain ran in a primary election against George W. Bush to become the presidential nominee of his party. It was an election that brought us the "straight talk express" and won John McCain much respect among the country (myself included) for standing up for his principals. Unfortunately it was also an election McCain lost. 

We all know the story that follows... 8 years of George W. Bush's reckless cowboy diplomacy and country club economics. 8 years that brought us 2 wars, skyrocketing oil prices, the housing market plummiting, and an American city completely underwater just to name just a few of the current adminisrations blunders. There is no doubt in my mind that if John McCain had won that primary in 2000 we would be in much better shape today. Now, 8 years later John McCain is running for president again and we have the opportunity to elect the man who should have been in office in the first place...there's only one problem...this is not the John McCain of years past.

Today John McCain has been completely hi-jacked by the Republican party. He has completely assimilated himself into George W. Bush in an attempt to make himself more acceptable to the far-right, big oil, gun toting, bible thumping, conservatives that in years past bawked at McCain's audacity to stand up for what he believed and thus denied him the White House in 2000. He has shifted positions on practically every major issue in the past eight years from abortion to gun rights to tax cuts that favor the wealthy.  It's amazing that John McCain could withstand the Hanoi Hilton but cant stand up to the leaders of his own party. He's even gone so far as to pick a tart hockey-mom soon to be grandma who calls her self a maverick because she doesn't believe dinosaurs existed and wants to ban Harry Potter books. Thats not the type of person I want a heart beat away from the presidency and Lord knows McCain's a heartbeat away from not having a heartbeat.

John McCain is not the maverick he used to be. Maybe he's gotten soft in his old age. Maybe he's still dizzy from 2000 when he got his clock cleaned by his own party. Whatever the case John McCain no longer has the strength or integrity to lead our country. 


Uploaded 09/06/2008
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