Jon McCain is not George W. Bush. Very true statement. However McCain is not exactly the man he trys to portray himself as. There are some major problems I see with him. I'll start with the man himself. He has a temper but so what right? yeah okay. everyone talks about Obama's chuch lets hear your thoughs on McCain's church? or how about how great he is at leaving his wife because she was in a car accident, but before that he went around partying cheating on her. this sounds like a great man right? so what about his policies right? Trickle down effect DOES work. however as much as you say Obama sides with the muslims, doesn't McCain side with Osama more? Osama stated himself the only way to defeat america is by making them bankrupt. your country is running up a huge defacit each year and McCain wants to continue this by staying at war and lowering taxes. so if this continues and in 4, 6, 8, 10 years or whatever it may be and china comes and says this is how your going to put your budget, who is going to be blamed then?

muhhaha, what happens to capitolism when there is no money in your pocket?

Uploaded 10/29/2008
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