McDonald's Commercials

I am fucking tired of this fast food monstrosity and their ridiculous commercials. Hell I used to work there. The job was fun, we sold burgers soda and coffee.....let me repeat that...burgers...soda...AND COFFEE! not "rich mocha blends that will soothe your soul and tickle your taste buds" as the McDonald's god says over one of their commercials. They are not a fucking cafe. They are FAST FOOD! What dilusional son of a bitch took over McDonalds and said...ya know what..let's church this bitch up!

      For the past six months I've seen inner city commercials for McDonald's. Notice that there is not a single white person in any of these videos. Every one of them is of urban black, puerto rican and even asian young people. My favorite part of this mental disillusion is that the url for the commercial to listen to the R n B singer Dwele on their one "soul cafe" commercial is THE FUCK!

    Does this not irk anyone else? It sure as shit irks me. I hate McDonalds and their recent targeting of minority youth. SELL! TO! EVERYONE! They have the same shit now as they did twenty years ago. Everyone knows about it. Some black guy didn't wake up, see a Big Mac commercial and say "hey! what is this new fangled place? I have never heard of a Big Mic." At which point his roommate/mom/social worker will pop his/her head in and say "You mean the Big Mac. It's at this new cafe called McDonalds!" NO! Everyone knows it. and everyone eats it when they have no money.


I shall say it again. Fuck McDonalds


Thegodlyone has spoken.

Uploaded 05/31/2009
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