It is 11:15 AM and I get done with the first call of the day. I have a half hour drive from this small town to the next call so I decide on an early lunch. My options are Arby's or McDonald's. Arbys is usually my first choice but the dollar large coke at McDonald's was calling my name. I go with the #6 - a double cheeseburger meal. After a few red lights, I am on a good stretch of highway to eat.

  The fries are over salted as usual but the Coke helps ease the pain. I start in on the cheeseburger. Ketchup starts leaking out the other side on the 2nd bite. No big deal but it is a bit distracting at 55 MPH. I get another bite or two down and get pissed that I am so busy that I don't have time to sit down and enjoy a meal. Eating between calls has become a regular routine. I'm downing this cheeseburger and not even tasting it. Then, as if my prayer was answered, I ran into a train.

  I pulled up behind a waiting car and threw my van in park. I had a few minutes to relax and enjoy my feast. I took another bite and was surprised that it was just as tasteless as before. I drank some coke, ate a few fries then took another bite. Same thing. I know McDonald's is not fine food by any means but this was just crap. No flavor. No texture. Just shit.

  I'm done with McDonald's. This wasn't just one bad experience. This is the proverbial cheeseburger that made the camel puke. Their cheap food is exactly that. I know to most this isn't anything special. You may even be saying to yourself 'McDonald's is bad food? No shit moron'. I wanted to put this in writing so I can go back to it from time to time if my memory of this day fades. And it will. McDonald's is banking on it.


Uploaded 02/20/2012
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