Meaning of Life? To be a Tiny Bar on a Graph.

Just caught the feature regarding the android in the making

I've caught a few people making comments of a severely technophobic nature, which is only natural considering the subject matter.

Then again I've caught a few comments by those claiming we've "had our time". Considering human behavior in history as a whole, perhaps they're right. Or, if you consider the history of life on Earth, unfortunately, they're not even close.



Via the first graph, ALL hominids comprise the tiniest sliver of existence on our planet. In comparison to dinosaurs alone, hominids measure up in residency at about 2%.

Via the second graph, Homo erectus and Australopethecus afarensis have been around longest of the hominids, with 325,000,000 years of residency on Earth between them. Homo sapien/humans? A mere 250,000. It took about 225,000 of those years just for our asses to make it out of the jungle and into any form of civilization.

Sure, there are other extremely short-lived ancestors on the scale to our existence: Homo georgicus, Homo floresiensis, Australopethecus garhi... but the time difference is negligable. These species died out simply because they just couldn't cut it - natural selection weeded them out quickly, unbelievably quickly in comparison to the history of life on our planet.

And where we stand is exactly the same as they. Even Neanderthals have existed longer than we have, so far. At this point, we're officially at the bottom of the barrel in terms of nature's accomplishments and failures. Looking at the entire history of life on Earth, you may notice hominid species, by comparison, are lower-rung than dinosaurs, insects, even eukaryotic simple life-forms.

One thing that bugged me about the android in the vid more than the idea of a talking robot? The fact both those idiots' excitement overshadowed their need to impose a few tweaks of correction on A.I. that would mention "people zoos".

I don't doubt we'll evolve some advanced robotics. What I do doubt is those robotics will indeed become scary advanced without the proper fail-safes and precautions. That's the part that should cause the technophobia; forget the advancements themselves - it's stupidity and overzealousness (and shit-eating grins like those two douchebags sported) that would lead to major problems.

Too many arrogantly believe humans are something special in the scheme of things. Chances are looking more likely every day we'll end up as nothing more but a humiliatingly brief colored bar on a timeline.
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