meaning of love

What is love anymore anyways?  I really don't understand people anymore.  I can't help but want to tell my friends that they are NOT in love with their partner after two damn weeks.  I hate when people are so giddy about the concept of a partner that they automatically "love" them.  I swear there must be a relationship handbook out there saying "all goodbye conversations are to end with I love you."  It is so unhealthy saying you love them that fast.  Then you will have no idea what love is and when it really comes along you'll miss it.


Love can mean many things to many people.  Real love can't even be captured in words.  I think it's an understanding between two people that honor and respect each other fully.  If you are truly "in love" then you will feel like your actions display it way better then your voice ever could.  It's always nice to hear though :). 


Since people don't seem to know what love is anymore those actions of love are disappearing.  "I love you" has become the password to pantie-ville.  A lot of those clueless people are missing out on a hell of a lot.  Something as little as holding your hand will start to seem really insignificant if you have a distorted perception of love.  You start to have no appreciation for the little things that your partner does do.  They can feel that and the cute things that your missing will go away.


A message to the ladies out there; guys are really trying!  The nice ones are doing those cute little things and your totally missing them.  They shouldn't have to bend over backwards to get a thank you.  That's why guys become ass holes because they gave up on being nice.  So next time you don't value your boyfriends attempts of showing little ways that they love you, remember they are only a few bitchy moments from turning into ass holes. 


To bring it all together, because of failure to recognize small gestures of kindness between partners true love cannot and will not be achieved.  Just because you have a bf/gf now does not mean you "love" them within a week or two.  Don't miss out on the real thing, it feels amazing!  You will know when it happens.  :)


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