Mediocracy at its best

Through out our lives we do an uncountable amount of things. But how many of the these things do we truly excel? How many of us played a sport in high school or collage? Now how many play professionally? A good 1%. This rule applies to must things that we do.

It's a sad fact to know that most of us will never be that good at the things we love. But this fact doesn't stop millions of people from doing what they love. I am a another perfect example, on a daily basis I go to school, which I stopped caring about awhile ago. I play hockey for my school, I know Im not an all star but I hold my own ( mediocre ), come here and occasionally blog which my skills are middle of the road on a good day. I've tried to get expectable at yo-yoing, biking, hacky sacking, snow boarding and alot of others. But no luck. I guess the only things i am good at are drawing and playing video games. Which some times don't seem like good skills to have but I guess we use what were given.

But from another angle, to be in that 1% and to know your the one of the best at one thing must be an unmatchable feeling. One that everyone should feel, but sadly most just wont.

How about you guys? Anyone a professionally good at anything? If so, good job its more then i can say.


Im Life and I live in a mediocre world.

Uploaded 01/25/2009
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