Meeting the In-laws for the first time

Crazy, My partner's parents from Wyoming came to stay and visit; we live in California.  This was going to be the first time I've met them, and my boyfriend and I have been dating for a year.  Not only that, the house we live in now, used to be owned by his parents.  So they were going to stay in the guest bedroom, while we occupied the master bedroom.  We picked them up from the Airport and his mother and I hit it off instantly.  His father and I didn't get to communicate that much since I was in the back seat with his wife.  My bf dropped me off at my car at SFSU, because I finished a final and I had my bf pick me up before heading to SFO.  We all arrived at our house and his parents commented on how well we've kept the house tidy and clean.  The night progressed on and we were siting down, talking about life here in California, and they talked about their life in Wyoming.  It was a great first night.  The next day, his parents told us that they cancelled their 2 day hotel stay at the Sheraton, which was a great sign that they felt comfortable enough to stay with us thoughout the whole week, and that they really liked me.  We played a lot of Cribbage and played Apples to Apples, which was a great ice breaker.  Throughout the week, they noticed that their son was happy, and had a family.  My bf's mom pulled him aside and told him that she liked me and that she is noticing that even though we are gay, we are able to have a family who loves him unconditionally.  That was huge, because his family is hardcore Roman Catholic Republicans, and they thought that he was going through a gay phase in his life, but now, they realize that that's who he is and he has a loving partner.

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