Megafail v. Melgibson II

Well it’s about time you responded Megafail, What mommy and daddy don’t let you use the big people computer? You have use the one at “work”. You say work but what you really mean is the computer lap in the fifth graders study hall.

I figured a douche like you would post a message I sent you and make fun at it. Awesome, you sorry excuse for a human. Your  girlfriend, eh yeah I use to use that excuse back when I had no one and didn’t want to sound like a loser or a fucking fag.

You know the difference between you and that use condom on my floor, the condom has seen, felt and been inside a real women’s vagina.

Yeah sure I my sound like a “4 year old with down syndrome” but at least I’m not trying to get a 4 year old with down syndrome to suck my dick and put their finger up my asshole.


My shit my sound like a 4 year old with down syndrome but at least it’s original not like your post:

Someone dumped on the floor of my office's women's bathroom.

Read it all, sounds exactly like Dane Cook’s: Someone shit on the coats.

So shitfuck go play on the highway in the dark wearing all black so I can run your ass over.

Uploaded 05/27/2008
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