Mein Kampf.

I used to get beat up in high school a lot. A whole lot. A whole fucking lot. Maybe they didn't like the way I dressed, or maybe it was the way I had to push my glasses onto my nose bridge every five seconds. Either way, I had some severe emotional problems followed by a social retardation phase on my teenage years. My early 20's I spent them staying home playing WoW. (I beat lvl. 55 by the way! pwnt!) and playing with MoM (I beat my own mangina like it owed me money! pwnt!) while everyone else was out there getting action and having fun partying. I didn't go to college to study web design, I had my own computer and pretty much the whole day to myself in my mother's cozy basement. When I turned 30 I got the enough computer knowledge to create a website. I made it with only one purpose. To exact my revenge on people online! Now I dawg them off hardcore on my site by stalking their myspace pages and saving their pictures to my 10 gigabyte hard drive to later post them in my website right next to their personal information. It makes me feel better about myself. Especially after I look at my 324lbs. reflection on the mirror. I fucking roxxors doods! LOLOLOL DAWGED OFF HARDCORE PWNT!. By the way, now that I think about it, they probably used to beat me up a whole lot because they knew about my 2 inch penis. It doesn't matter. I pwnt them all on my website.

Uploaded 01/15/2009
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