Melgibson 45 year old virgin who lives in his parent's basement

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure (by which i mean extreme displeasure) of running into this giant turd sandwich, Melgibson is one of the users on Ebaumsworld.  I use the term user lightly, carefully, and only because i can't think of a synonym for the phrase "Vaginal Discharge" that will sound witty.

This intergalactic cum guzzler has recently published his list of "10 Most Annoying people on Ebaumsworld", and had the audacity not to put himself as # 1.  Who exactly do you think you are sir?  Some of you may know Mel from his other award winning works such as "How to pay for sex with a fat chick for dummies", "200 dollars for a blow job? WHAT A BARGAIN!" and most noteably, "Things That Fit Up My Ass".

Dude seriously, if you googled "Fat Virgin Who Pretends to be a 16 Year old girl in the ebaums live chat so he can cyber with other guys because he secretly wants to be tied up and penetrated by a large group of black men" this guy's picture would be the first 35 results.

I mean, just the fact that this twat picked his username to be mel gibson speaks volumes.  If it doesn't directly point to the fact that you're definately the anti-gibson feature wise, it definately alludes to the fact that the only thing you two probably have in common is that when no ones around, all you wear is underwear and facepaint.  Let me pose an honest question to you "mel", and you can pretend you don't know the answer but I think at this point we all know you do, how many male model's pictures have you masturbated too in the past 3 days?  30?  40?  41?  41 1/2 because you jerked off to a picture of dennis rodman who is a he-she?

Seriously melvin, you need to get a life, and stop shitting on other people when you're own life is a thunderdome of dissapointment (ZING!).  Your parents, even though you live in their basement, probably wish for something terrible to happen to you every day when you leave to go get your big gulp and chilli cheese dog.  Here's a hint pal, telling a girl that you have a level 70 character in World of Warcraft is NEVER GOING TO GET YOU LAID.  She doesn't care that you have uber gear or that you pwn noobs in the arena's, the only thing she does care about is the fact that you've won the dicky-doo award every year since you were 3.  For those of you who don't know, that award is given to a person when his man boobs stick out further then his dicky do.

You're miserable, and I hope the day testing on suicide boothes begin human trials, you have the sense to sign up for the focus group.  You are the definition of my user name.

Until next time......fatty.....

Uploaded 05/22/2008
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