Melgibson vs. Megafail

Megafail in you last blog against me you said “I use the term user lightly…” I didn’t know the word lightly or any variation thereof was in your vocabulary you fat piece of dried up whale shit.


Who do I think I am? I am a 28 year old single guy that doe live with his parents, yes. I live with my Dad. I live with him because of his health. He is confined to a wheelchair and needs 24 hour care. I do live in the basement this is true.


I did go and Google “Fat Virgin Who Pretends to be a 16 Year old girl in the ebaums live chat so he can cyber with other guys because he secretly wants to be tied up and penetrated by a large group of black men" you want to what came up? A picture of you and your gay partner LosAngelesKid. By the way I didn’t know you were the bitch in that relationship.


I think in the last three days I have jerked it to at least one male photo, but at least I didn’t catch VD from a 16 year old dumpster whore outside the local circle K and herpes from my sister, oh by the way how’s the rash on your balls?


I know some of you readers are going to comment, go for it. It’s a free country that’s what makes The United States of America great, our freedom of speech is protected by the Bill of Rights, as is the Right to Bare Arms, so in conclusion  Lock and Load!!

Uploaded 05/23/2008
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