I miss the way we used to hold hands.

I miss the way you would rest your hand on my lap while I drove.

I miss the dinners you used to make for me.

I miss your laugh.

I miss your smile.

I miss your sense of humor.

I miss our stimulating conversations.

I miss the way your head would tilt slightly to the left when you tucked your long brown hair behind your right ear.

I miss your sky blue eyes.

I miss the way you used to bite your bottom lip while we made love.

I miss the smell of your perfume.

I miss the sound of your voice.

I miss reading the texts you would send me while I was at work.

I miss who I was when we were together.

I miss sitting on the front porch together just talking.

I miss watching you ice skate in your pink outfit and your blue one and your black one and...

I miss taking showers together.

I miss everything.


But those days are over and it's time to move on. I will always miss you Melissa, sometimes more than others. Do I still love you? No...but after almost twenty years together how could there not be a place in my heart for you? I hope you find someone that makes you feel the way you made me feel. I hope you find happiness Melissa.


(This was taken from my private journal, written on the one year anniversary of our divorce.)


Uploaded 10/02/2010
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