Memories of My First Drunk Experience

One day after a minimum day at high school (around 12 pm) I decided to go to a friend's house. I told my mom I would be back in a couple of hours. So anyway I go to his house and we hang out for about an hour and a half doing different things like sparring with boxing gloves, watching tv, etc.

After an hour and a half, we get pretty bored, so he's like "wanna drink?" I had never done anything like that and I wanted to know what it was like, so I agreed.

So he pulls out some of his uncle's 20-proof liquor and poors me a few shots along with a chaser of cranberry juice. I told him and made it clear that I only wanted to get buzzed. After 7 shots along with liquor mixed in the chasers too, I felt only a tiny bit light-headed and it lasted for a few minutes and went away.

He decided I needed more stuff and stronger shit. "Noooooooooo" I wailed, but my resistance wasn't that strong. He went into his garage and pulled out some of his 40-proof stuff poored me a shot. "I think this stuff tastes pretty good," he said to me. I drouned it in a few seconds. It tasted like shit! "Give me the fucking juice!" I yelled as I grabbed the bottle from his hands and took a few sips quickly, determined to get the nasty taste of liquor from my mouth.

He poors me another shot and mixes some into the remainder of cranberry juice. "No more!" I wail. "No more!"

He pours me another shot. I drain it and drink a few sips of juice. He poors me another shot. I complain in protest but he tells me "last one! hurry up!" I drink it and finish off the juice/alcohol mix.

I really start to feel it now. I am fucking dizzy. I have to go to the bathroom. As I stand up and piss, I sway back and forth, to and fro, trying to keep my piss in the toilet. I do a good job and finish up and stumble back out of the bathroom.

He asks me if I want to smoke. "NO FRED! I DON'T WANT A FUCKING CIGARETTE! I'M NOT FUCKING SMOKING!" I yell as he laughs because of the sudden change in mood. He has tried to get me to smoke and try drugs before, but I'm very stubborn with my decision not to smoke.

I go with him into his room and lie on his bed, my head still spinning. He goes on youtube and puts on an optical illusion that makes everything look like it's getting larger afterward. It was the trippiest thing to see while you are drunk. It was sooooo trippy. There's no way to emphasize how trippy it was.

So afterward, he tells me to look at his face. It looks like it's getting bigger. I look at his nose. "HA YOUR NOSE IS GETTING BIGGER! YOU'RE TURNING JEWISH! YOU'RE JEWISH!" (he is german, a neo nazi, and a white supremesist who always makes fun of me for being Jewish) I yell as I accidentally knock the computer off the chair as it falls on the floor. "I apologize for knocking his computer over. I notice that my speech is really slurred.

"Damn dude," I said cheerfully. "How much alcohol did you give me?"

His mom then comes home and he tells me to just relax on the couch and not to get up so his mom doesn't notice. She leaves again after a few minutes and my cellphone rings. It's my mom. "You told me you'd be home in a couple of hours!" my mom says in a slightly elevated voice. "I want you to come home right now! It's 3:25!" "Okay" I agree as I say goodbye to her.

I ask Fred what I should do because I'm still drunk as hell. He says "Just walk home. It'll go away in an hour." I trust him because I have no choice and I know nothing about the effects of alcohol. Plus that first buzz earlier went away in a couple of minutes, so I say goodbye, grab my backpack, and begin walking home. I can barely walk straight, I'm so freaking dizzy. I decide to take the long way because it crosses less roads. (I think this is a trait of intelligent people: I don't even lose my head when I'm drunk; I still think logically).

At about 4:00, I come home, say hi to my mom, and fall on my bed so I can sleep out the remainder of this drunkness.

At about 6:00, I get woken up for dinner. As I get out of bed, I notice I'm just as dizzy as before and I feel just as shitty.

"Fuck, man." I thought "How much fucking alcohol did he give me?"

At dinner, I can barely sit up to eat. "What's wrong honey?" my mom asks. "I guess I'm just tired, I respond as I sit in hell trying to act my way out of this situation. I somehow did a good job because she didn't notice anything unusual.

After dinner, I took a shower, and as the hot water rushed over me, I suddenly felt kind of alive. After the shower, the effects of the alcohol started to wear off, and I started to feel okay again.

I was furious with Fred and with myself.

I had trusted the person who has a reputation for being unreliable and fucking with people to give me alcohol.

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