I was just sitting at work reading blogs, looking for something that will even mildly arouse my libido.  Anything about sex would prob keep me interested but as of late there has been nothing.  The radio is playing in the background and "Wild Thing" comes on the air waves, all of a sudden I am taken back to a better time.

I should state that I am a child of the eighties but as my father is the coolest person I know, I grew up on a steady diet of classic rock.  I was even responsible for most of my friends love for the classics.  So anyways this song took me back to my teen years where all I did was smoke weed, lots of weed and play sports.  It occurred to me that I have these memory flashbacks a couple of times a day and always in relation to classic rock.  It was at this point that I came to a realization, all my memories good and bad are when I was high.

This says two things, first off I smoke way too much weed and secondly, classic rock always seems to be better when youre high.  These memories are so vivid and really awe inspiring.  Todays episode happened when "Wild Thing" came on the radio, I was literally transported back to high school (the parking lot specifically) where I was in the back of my car with some girl.  I never did get her name but that was not important what was important was it was my first blow job.  Now I was young and so was this girl so I had no idea it was not really good but at the time it was fringing great.  I even remember the fact that she said "this is taking a lot longer then I thought it would"; I will never forget those words.  Man I love weed.

So now back to classic rock and weed.  I am not sure if these songs were supposed to be listened to while high because they are great when you are sober.  They just seem to be much more memorable while high.  You can remember the little things that happen and what parts of the song really make you think.  I do think that the weed opens your mind and lets you truly appreciate the ride.


PS-People please more sex blogs or drug blogs, something to keep me interested.


Uploaded 01/14/2009
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