Men and Women

This blog is a response the “Women are Objects” blog. I always want this to be known that this a general overlook so when I say “men” or “women”, it's to be taken as “not everyone, but most”.


About childbirth: I have to agree with Kaustic with this when he said that it's all about pain endurance. I agree that men could and would (in general) endure childbirth the same as a woman, possibly even more than a woman. Men are stronger; they are biologically and culturally developed that way. Yes, childbirth is painful but there are things that are worse that both men and women can endure. The only reason that women think that they can use this is because men can't do it. The same thing goes for PMS, periods, and menopause. Most of these things are excuses for women to use when they are comparing themselves to men. Why am I such a bitch? Oh, I'm PMSing. Why is my boyfriend such an asshole? Because he's a guy. And woman call men sexist? It goes both ways.


Women need to learn to respect themselves first before asking men to respect them. How you dress, speak, and act tells people who you are and how you hold yourself. Jstaclssicgirl has it right too. Ladies, you cannot walk down the street wearing a lot cut shirt with a short skirt and expect men not to stare at you. When you wear outfits like this, you WANT attention. There's no denying it. Less men would whistle, honk or wave at you if you're wearing a normal shirt and jeans. God forbid, you might look a little modest. Woman are beautiful and sexy and we will get men's attention one way or another- that's natural instinct.


What a woman does with her body is completely her decision but how you act will be how you are treated. If you're at a party drinking, dancing on tables, and giving lap dances to people, don't be surprised when the guys at the party are smacking your ass and speaking dirty to you. Again, it goes back to wanting attention. If you want mens' respect, then act respectable.


Ladies, if you're sleeping around with everyone, don't be mad if someone asks you if they can have a piece of ass. If his two friends have been with you, maybe he doesn't want to feel left out, especially if you are advertising free rides. Sex is a natural and normal part of life. Some people choose to be with one partner, some people are in it for one night stands. It's not my place to tell you how to act. Ladies, if you think a man is talking to you like you're just an object, let them know that that's not the type of woman you are.


Men and woman are equal but different. As a side note, women, please stop taking offense to sexist jokes. That's what they are. Jokes. Anyway, I could go on and on but I'm stopping here.

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