Men hate women

I was on youtube and somehow was led into a realm of sexist comedians slamming and berating women. Making women out to be soulless and life  sucking. (Let us not forget women are the biggest target of violent crime, and men the perpetrators, if anyone is a life sucker it's a man) I looked at the comments and the general consensus was agreeance. In the media, on the internet and in society it is very apparent to me the sub-human, default gender that women are made out to be.  Whether they're being made into hookers, eye candy, or the naggy- bitching wife, they are rarely given strong roles on television. What's even more disturbing, is the lack of resistance from women. Women together can be strong, and we can have a sense of comradery. However alot of women tend to dangle off the coat tails of men. I know after this is put out, there'll be those women putting me down calling me a feminist wench,ect,ect.

Now, while on this youtube journey I go onto watch a video of a talented young woman skateboarding. I look in the comments and to no suprise, the typical numbskull "kitchen" comments are left below. And I can't help but wonder why these boys are so threatened by this girl. Then I realize it's because they're threatened by powerful, talented females in general. Their success posses a threat their "manhood".

From a psychological standpoint I feel this analysis is very accurate.


Men hate women, because they want women to be meek, docile and subordinate to them. They hate women with opinions, women who exceed them in success, and women in POWER.


Uploaded 03/07/2013
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