Men Having Periods

One thing for which I'm thankful as a man is the fact that I don't bleed from my genitals every 4 weeks. It's hard enough to deal with a spouse or girlfriend's bloody buddy but as men we try to be tolerant and caring so at least we can get a few BJ's that week. (I know I will get responses from people saying that they have intercourse all the time during Dracula's fountain but if there's blood on my member there better be a dead hooker in my trunk.)

I think that men would treat periods differently than women do, however. I'm sure we would brag about how heavy our flow was. "Jesus Christ, I'm flowing like booze at an Irish funeral!!"

Guys are proud of what comes from our bodies. Who among us hasn't called a girlfriend into the john to validate an unusually unique dump? The rate-my-poo websight is testimonial to our pride in our excretions. (After dropping a bomb I will sometimes tell a coworker that someone has written something on the mirror that they HAVE to see. They enter the bathroom and a few make it out alive. If we menstruated you KNOW there would be used tampon fights in the locker room.

I think, however I would put up with a monthly cycle if the curse also came with the ability to have multiple orgasms. Of that I am jealous! It's probably for the better, though, as we'd likely never make it out of the shower in the morning.

"Shit, I'm 3 hours late for work... just one...more..."

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