Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas everyone and have a happy new year.  If you don't celebrate the chirstmas holiday then Happy Holidays.  I do wanna mention though that I'm getting sick of hearing Happy Holidays becasue lets face it everyone knows what day it is and whats being celebrated.  If someone came up to me on the 22nd and said Happy Hanukkah I wouldn't get offended becuase people go up to each other all the time and say Merry Christmas.  I just don't understand why people have to say Happy Holidays when in other countries they will call it like it is.  I'm not trying to put down other beliefs but I just think everything should say happy or merry "whatever belief" and that should be accepted instead of everyone getting upset cause its mainly the religious fanatics that I think are the ones that get upset about not saying holidays and then people like us who just want to celebrate this time with family and friends and want it to be called christmas just because as kids we believed in santa and it should just be kept that way.  I think those that are offended should learn to tolerate this time of the year a little more because no matter what religious holiday is celebrated right now they are all still about being with family and friends and being kind to those around you, no matter what if your jewish, christian, or any other religion.

Uploaded 12/25/2008
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