Merry Christmas!!!

   I truly hope that some of you have a wonderful, magical Christmas time this year! I know I sure will!
   You know, Christmas is the embodiment of all that is good, all that is... RIGHT with the world. It's the time of year when people just come together and do the right thing for others. It makes me so proud to be part of the Human Race!
   I mean, have you guys heard those stories about women going into Wal Mart and paying off peoples' layaways? That's awesome, and it makes me happy. I wish I could do stuff like that for strangers...
   But, as we all know, with every batch of light, there must be some darkness. This year, one of those dark clouds came when Nike decided to introduce the brand new Air Jordans right before Christmas. Maybe not such great timing, huh Nike?
   As you all know, I've been accused of being racist here on EBW, many, many times. So, I will not mention race in this issue at all.
   However, if you watch the video I have cleverly embedded in this brog carefully, you may notice an abundance of one particular race behaving viciously and greedily (and stupidly), in an almost Simian manner. It's almost as if these fine beings were Monkeys, and they thought the Shoes they were attempting to buy were bananas!
   Anyway, here's my little Christmas video! I hope you all enjoy it, and remember that I do NOT hate people for their race- I hate certain MEMBERS of that race for their behavior.

Uploaded 12/24/2011
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