Merry Happy

Hello All,
Just a quick note to say I wish you all the best in this Holiday season!

I sincerely hope that all my friends and acquaintances here and everywhere experience  a happy holiday and connect with and with the important people in their lives (either actual family or friends who in some cases are equal to  dearer than actual family).

If you are alone and maybe feeling down, please remember that things change, change is the only constant in life!

How am I doing you ask? Well What's her name and myself are doing well except this seems the be the month of huge outlays, Broken truck (headgasket) Broken Air conditioner (I thing it's the compressor ) o there goes a couple grand) and a stupid dog who ate some kind of poison lizard or got bit by a pygmy rattler or something and is enjoying a 6 day stay with the vet.

Enough whining! I really do hope you all have a great holiday no matter how you spend it or what you believe.  I love this time of year because of the positive energy and the general sense of excitement and anticipation. Hell I even enjoy the grumpy people out shopping, whenever I am cut off by a buggy in the store or  just growled at I give that person a great big smile and say Hi how you doing and I hope you have a merry Christmas! ( I think it re focuses them on the reason they are out doing all the shopping etc.

Finally I wish I could send each and every one of you a gift..... So in the spirit of giving I would like to ask what (if I could)  gift would you like and maybe a short reason why.

I know the temptation will be there to ask for the ridiculous but I would ask that you put some really though into it and maybe just maybe you will find out a little bit about yourself and also help reconnect with the Christmas spirit.

Wrapping gifts


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