Message from ???

The "message from God" mood lately has got me thinking about a few times I felt something from a higher power.

I was new to driving truck, and had crashed out in a truckstop on I-81 in PA one night. I got up in the morning, had a nice big breakfast, and stopped on my way out to play a round of EA Sports Rollergolf (whatever the thing's called). I headed back to the doors after 18 holes, looked out at the rain, and said, "You know, I still have three loose dollars, I'll play another round.

Now, I'm not normally like that. I want to get going, get close to the end at least, then shit around a while. Well, I get rolling a while later, and suddenly the CB sparks up with reports of an Interstate-closing wreck, the last exit is right in front of me, and... if I'd got going right off, I'd have been a part of the three-truck, four-car wreck of flips, rollovers and death.

Another time, I was driving on the loop in KC, MO a little late to deliver, thanks to snow on the ground. An old man comes out, cutting me off, and slowing me up further. I held up, though, figuring it'd be okay, I was late already. I slide off at the next exit, and there, just as far in front as I'd have been if the old guy hadn't caught me,was a station wagon spinning like a top. It never flipped or anything, but I don't think I'd have gotten stopped in time.

(Thanks, by the way, Bo.)

Another time, I somehow lost traction on a ramp in Connecticut, and the tractor was, well, not fish-tailing, but the front was flopping back and forth as I watched myself bring it under control, easing the flopping back into a line.

Was it God? Was it chance? Was it just the Tao of Earth, guiding me along? I dunno for sure. We don't need to know.


I just know JH is gonna get his e-ass whipped if he don't learn typing good with the grammars and word.

Uploaded 05/07/2009
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