Messages to Angiepie- In response to Ellimems Blog

Well I stand corrected, Ellimems blog wasn't deleted (But I'm sure it will be soon), so since many of you DID see Ellimems blog, he asked us to post our messages to Angiepie, so here is mine.


Here is what I sent to that good ole Slutmotron. Angiepie.

"Though I fucking hate Ellimem, this was pretty fucking low. Why don't you actually go out and find or make something Original, instead of stealing shit
from someone already on this site.

You are a Slut. Plan and simple. I'm just wondering howmany balls you had to marinate in your mouth to get this one ok'ed by the ebaums staff."


She responded

"he stole from me faggot"


So, I resent her the message she sent in response to WhyNot, and added a little something at the end.

(From Angie to WhyNot, but resent to her by me)

"I'll admit it, but I dont have to cause everyone (but you) already knows it, they just dont care because that is what ebaums world is, an open domain for people to post what they find on the internet and bring it here for this community to enjoy, what you are accusing me of isn't any different than saying " admit it, you got those fries from
Mcdonalds" my response is the same - Sooooooo! Whhaaaaaat! thats what every single
other feature on this site is, snatched from the web, its open domain. bother me later when you have something significant to say. this is the biggest waste of my and your time yet!"  (My additional response) "Wow... so not only are you a slut, but you're a
Lieing bitch too."


I haven't gotten a response yet...

But I'm eagerly awaiting one...

Uploaded 09/20/2008
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