Metaphysical vernacular

EYY yahll its yahh gurl shemiqua hurr and i wanna tell you about mii day

Well i wuzz at dis muthafuckin star bucks tryin to score som crystal off dis rich muthafucka. Den out da corna of mii eye i saw dis cute azzz denzel washington lookin muthafucka. ooooh gurl you know i was havin dem exotic nipple lactations, and i immiditely kneww he wuzz da one. I walked up to himm and was like eyy you gotta girlfrandd and he said no so i was lyke you do now nigga! I grabbed  that muthafucka and started rapin him nd shit, nd yeah we wuzz still right outside daa starbucks YOU GOTTA PROBLEMM!!!!! Well i kept that muthafucka in daa basement of my pawnshop azz a sex slave, cuzz im a freaky pulp fiction lovin mutha fucka. N E way dis shit went on nd on, havin sex all da goddamn time until dat mutha fuckas balls IM PLO DID yeah it wuzz fucked up.

N E way dat wuzz my day yall, nd yeah that all happened in a day

dont hesitate to hit me up on thaa space cuzz shaquanda aint comin ova till 6 or so

bye frum ya gurlll

Uploaded 09/09/2008
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Tags: magic realism