So I know meth is a big deal to people nowadays, and its a hell of a drug to say the least. I just watched a documentary on meth use, and they focused mainly on Portland, and I have to say its definitely a trip to deal with it.

First I've never tried it, and I never will. With that said I don't think theres anything wrong with anyone who chooses to seperate themselves from others who do meth, or even those who feel they're better then people who do it.

A backstory for my experience in meth, that while never having done it, it has affected my life. Over the past four years I've had a cousin get hooked, and eventually murdered
over it, another friend was dishonorably discharged from the marines, he had a good career set up outside as a medic lined up for him. Another friend of mine hung himself, he was on it don't know if thats why he killed himself or not but it couldn't have helped him. A good friend I used to party with is now totally emaciated and grubing for change downtown, one kid I went to school with overdosed the first time he tried it. Another girl I hungout with is now fully hooked on it, and is currently turning tricks for her next fix for her and her boyfriend as cliche as it sounds it happened to her. She in particular had a full ride scholarship to college. A couple of tweakers broke into another one of my friends apartments, raped his girlfriend while he was forced to watch with a gun in his mouth. I don't even have to mention the crap that other people do, well one day at work I had to pull a three year old from the street because his parents were so strung out that he hadn't been fed and went to the grocery store to get a bag of chips.

Ok, so this isn't a wah wah boo hoo why do bad things happen blog. This is just a pondering really of why people do the things they do. It could just be me but hopefully i'm not alone in this but isn't it really sad the extremes people go to, just for a thrill. Meth in particular after seeing the Faces of Meth its mind boggling how people can willingly punish themselves in the pursuit of a temporary fix. I don't do drugs myself, I drink occasionally, I have the occasional cigarette but I am in no means an addict. I can understand that people like to relax, smoke some weed, get plastered, party, have fun every now and then. But a dedicated lifestyle that you know is just going to warp your mind and break you? Its outrageous. I try to understand why people do the things they do, and why they want to put themselves through it, and while some people want to say its societys fault for pushing them to that, I want to just smack the hell out of them and tell them its their own fault for doing it to themselves.

I don't know, I don't have any answers and I really don't think there are any certain ones out there. People are always going to be screwed up, and theres always going to be someone who wants to waste away. But it sure does hurt like hell when the people you care about do it to themselves. And theres nothing you can really do either except let'em fall on their asses, get some dirt kicked in their face, but then again when its reached that point it'll probably be too late anyway.

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