Michael You made a difference in alot of people lives

To all of you who want to Judge Michael b/c it takes you away from your own imperfections just remember....and then there is you.  No one is perfect we all have something. Michael Jackson brought joy to millions of people. As for what people are saying about him being different any one who dares to be different is subject to judgment by the masses who either want to escape their own secret pain, or who choose to use the opportunity to feel better about themselves b/c by talking about Michael as if he were not human. Michael was someones son, brother, father and friend. Think of your own family look at the people in your life including yourself, in other words the Man in the mirror. Michael appeared to have lived a profound life one that you would probably not understand unless you walked in his shoes. I say God Bless Michael and his family. Instead of joining the masses who want to ravage his life after his death pray for his spirit as it moves on as we all will some day. Thanks, Michael for escorting into my adolescence w/songs like ABC, I'll be there, and never can say goodbye which is how I feel about you. Michael your legacy will live on forever! My prayers are with the Jackson family. 

Uploaded 06/26/2009
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